First since two centuries

Since two centuries Liguori is a synonymous with pasta of Gragnano, the good, traditional and with an authentic taste. In fact, from the end of 1700 our pasta company produces pasta in Gragnano for Italy and the world. In 1795, Gaetano Liguori, the founder, obtains from the City of Gragnano the authorization to «make and sell macaroni of good quality and only fate» in his workshop, with the obligation to keep a point of sale open for citizens convenience.
That was a craft production, not yet mechanized.

Rebranding and new pack

After two centuries of history and passion for pasta, we decided to change look and to give a new image to our pasta, preserving its original quality.
We changed starting from our roots, so we decided to keep alive our centuries-old tradition by reinterpreting history and innovating the brand. For this reason, we began a rebranding process, firstly focused on the logo, inspired by the historical brand of the ‘50s with institutional colors and then on the pack. The new Liguori pasta pack totally reflects our values, enhancing production techniques, territorial certification and commitment to environmental protection.
These principles are complemented by a constant research to offer consumers, ever-more attentive and demanding, a wide selection of formats and types of pasta.
This results in 38 formats with the P.G.I. denomination, 13 traditional formats produced by using the slow drying method and 23 organic pasta formats among the P.G.I., whole-wheat and di semolato variants.