3 ideas for a quick and light cold pasta

3 ideas for a quick and light cold pasta

Summer yes, but with taste. Pasta is Mediterranean food by excellence and you can't give up a nice plate of spaghetti even when it's hot. But then how to combine taste, freshness and lightness even when temperatures rise? There are many recipes based on pasta, light and tasty, which can be prepared quickly and with a few simple ingredients.

In this article we want to propose you 3 ideas for cold pasta perfect for every occasion.

August is the month of holidays and the sea, so it is best to stay light, especially when you are on the beach. For a quick and nutritious lunch, you could opt for the indispensable pasta salad. We recommend the Mediterranean one, based on fresh and easily available ingredients such as tuna, cherry tomatoes, basil, olives and mozzarella. Obviously you can use the elements you prefer, perhaps adding grilled vegetables. For this dish we recommend our Fusilli n. 31 integral.

Maybe you are not a sea type, but prefer the mountains, fresh air and day trips. In this case, with Spaghetti n.3 of organic grain, you could opt for a genuine and tasty spaghetti omelette. It is a typically Neapolitan dish that comes from the need to empty the fridge from food scraps. The basic ingredient, of course, is the egg but you can decide to fill it as you see fit according to your tastes and what you have in the pantry. Excellent as a main dish, you can eat it whenever and however you want, full and at the same time provide energy without weighing it down too much.

The summer dinners are the best: excellent company, fresh wine and delicious dishes. If you want to impress your guests you could offer them a delicious timbale of cold pasta with vegetables. You can use our Ditalini n.84 or Chifferini n.81, the important thing is that it is a small format that you can easily compact in the pan together with the rest of the ingredients. We advise you to serve mainly grilled vegetables, such as aubergines or courgettes, to create the wrapper and stuff it with cold items such as tuna, feta, mozzarella and dried tomatoes. A real delicacy that will leave everyone mouth...full!