3 ideas for a quick and light cold pasta

3 ideas for a quick and light cold pasta

Summer yes, but with taste. Pasta is Mediterranean food by excellence and you can't give up a nice plate of spaghetti even when it's hot. But then how to combine taste, freshness and lightness even when temperatures rise? There are many recipes based on pasta, light and tasty, which can be prepared quickly and with a few simple ingredients.

In this article we want to propose you 3 ideas for cold pasta perfect for every occasion.

August is the month of holidays and the sea, so it is best to stay light, especially when you are on the beach. For a quick and nutritious lunch, you could opt for the indispensable pasta salad. We recommend the Mediterranean one, based on fresh and easily available ingredients such as tuna, cherry tomatoes, basil, olives and mozzarella. Obviously you can use the elements you prefer, perhaps adding grilled vegetables. For this dish we recommend our Fusilli n. 31 integral.

Maybe you are not a sea type, but prefer the mountains, fresh air and day trips. In this case, with Spaghetti n.3 of organic grain, you could opt for a genuine and tasty spaghetti omelette. It is a typically Neapolitan dish that comes from the need to empty the fridge from food scraps. The basic ingredient, of course, is the egg but you can decide to fill it as you see fit according to your tastes and what you have in the pantry. Excellent as a main dish, you can eat it whenever and however you want, full and at the same time provide energy without weighing it down too much.

The summer dinners are the best: excellent company, fresh wine and delicious dishes. If you want to impress your guests you could offer them a delicious timbale of cold pasta with vegetables. You can use our Ditalini n.84 or Chifferini n.81, the important thing is that it is a small format that you can easily compact in the pan together with the rest of the ingredients. We advise you to serve mainly grilled vegetables, such as aubergines or courgettes, to create the wrapper and stuff it with cold items such as tuna, feta, mozzarella and dried tomatoes. A real delicacy that will leave everyone mouth...full!

The new eco pack

The new eco pack

Pastificio Liguori changes its look, not only with a focus on restyling and repositioning the brand, but above all by virtue of its commitment to sustainability and eco-compatibility.

At a time when respect for nature is a burning issue, the priority of any large company is to create recyclable, compostable and environmentally friendly products and develop production systems that reduce the impact on the environment.

Liguori expresses its attention to environmental issues first of all respecting the production and processing cycles of Italian durum wheat that it uses for the production of pasta. The company's commitment is also reflected in an eco-sustainable development that reduces CO2 emissions and, above all, in the creation of a recyclable paper pack with the Aticelca 501 certification and recyclable packaging with the FSC certification.

Pasta Liguori: nice, good and nature friendly.

The pleasure of expectation - The Liguori slow drying method

The pleasure of expectation - The Liguori slow drying method

In these times, slowness is an added value. In a period of history in which everything happens in a very short time, in the immediacy of the moment, doing things with calm is the real revolution. Even at the table.

Slow Food

The slow food flag is Italian par excellence: indeed, made in Italy is an excellence that makes slowness its spearhead. Producing according to the right time as nature commands and enjoying time at the table is an unwritten law of our culinary culture.

Respect for the raw material

We have made slowness our distinctive mark. Yes, because the processing method of our pasta starts with a drying time of up to 18 hours. In fact, to preserve the nutritional properties, taste and flavour of good Italian durum wheat, it is necessary to know how to wait. Our pasta dries slowly and at a low temperature, to avoid the gluten structure to be altered and the important nutritional substances present in the pasta to be dispersed.

The Liguori method

The production method of our pastificio has been refined in 200 years of history. It all starts with the best durum wheat of southern Italy, slowly processed with the pure water of the Lattari Mountains and left for drying the proper time. The slowness and low temperature make the product carefully treated, avoiding damage such as the formation of unwanted substances that compromise the taste and quality of the pasta.

The tradition in a new look

First since two centuries

Since two centuries Liguori is a synonymous with pasta of Gragnano, the good, traditional and with an authentic taste. In fact, from the end of 1700 our pasta company produces pasta in Gragnano for Italy and the world. In 1795, Gaetano Liguori, the founder, obtains from the City of Gragnano the authorization to «make and sell macaroni of good quality and only fate» in his workshop, with the obligation to keep a point of sale open for citizens convenience.
That was a craft production, not yet mechanized.

Rebranding and new pack

After two centuries of history and passion for pasta, we decided to change look and to give a new image to our pasta, preserving its original quality.
We changed starting from our roots, so we decided to keep alive our centuries-old tradition by reinterpreting history and innovating the brand. For this reason, we began a rebranding process, firstly focused on the logo, inspired by the historical brand of the ‘50s with institutional colors and then on the pack. The new Liguori pasta pack totally reflects our values, enhancing production techniques, territorial certification and commitment to environmental protection.
These principles are complemented by a constant research to offer consumers, ever-more attentive and demanding, a wide selection of formats and types of pasta.
This results in 38 formats with the P.G.I. denomination, 13 traditional formats produced by using the slow drying method and 23 organic pasta formats among the P.G.I., whole-wheat and di semolato variants.


Liguori at Tutto Food 2019

Liguori at Tutto Food 2019

The great showcase of food this year has once again hosted important italian brands, excellence and new promising realities that have presented their products to the national and international market.

This 6th edition of Tutto Food 2019 was for Pastificio Liguori an opportunity to show the new image dof the company and to taste our pasta, also thanks to the collaboration with some chefs such as Michele Cotugno and Max Mariola with Petti, with whom we have done some show cooking.

Now it’s time to show us to consumers

Since two centuries, Liguori aims for excellence, control of the supply chain, quality of raw materials and respect for traditional production techniques. Today, we want to talk about us to the consumer, showing these principles and strengths that make our product valuable, an expression of the most genuine artisanal tradition made in Italy.
Gragnano is at the center of this process: everything comes from here, thanks to the unique climatic and environmental conditions of this land it’s possible to produce the famous “white gold”.
The Gragnano P.G.I. Certification, the 100% Italian durum wheat, the slow drying method and the bronze drawing are the flagship of Liguori pasta.

Commitment to the environment
Respect for nature is our priority. For this reason, we pursue eco-sustainable development by reducing the CO2 emissions. Today we further develop our commitment preserving our pasta in a recyclable paper pack, to protect nature and facilitate practices with low environmental impact.