The pleasure of expectation – The Liguori slow drying method

In these times, slowness is an added value. In a period of history in which everything happens in a very short time, in the immediacy of the moment, doing things with calm is the real revolution. Even at the table.

Slow Food

The slow food flag is Italian par excellence: indeed, made in Italy is an excellence that makes slowness its spearhead. Producing according to the right time as nature commands and enjoying time at the table is an unwritten law of our culinary culture.

Respect for the raw material

We have made slowness our distinctive mark. Yes, because the processing method of our pasta starts with a drying time of up to 18 hours. In fact, to preserve the nutritional properties, taste and flavour of good Italian durum wheat, it is necessary to know how to wait. Our pasta dries slowly and at a low temperature, to avoid the gluten structure to be altered and the important nutritional substances present in the pasta to be dispersed.

The Liguori method

The production method of our pastificio has been refined in 200 years of history. It all starts with the best durum wheat of southern Italy, slowly processed with the pure water of the Lattari Mountains and left for drying the proper time. The slowness and low temperature make the product carefully treated, avoiding damage such as the formation of unwanted substances that compromise the taste and quality of the pasta.