The secret ingredient


Since 1795, Pastificio Liguori has preserved an authentic production method.

The slow drying at low temperatures, of certified 9 hours for short pasta cuts and certified 18 hours for long pasta , preserves the organoleptic properties of the precious raw material.

The result is a genuine pasta, enriched with the flavour and fragrance of the grain.

Liguori launches a pack renewed in every detail

Blockchain technology
From the wheat field to the table

The Blockchain is a protected, non-modifiable database that contains all product traceability information, starting from the origin of 100% Italian wheat. Liguori guarantees a complete tracking system of the entire production process.

100% italian wheat from the supply chain

The origin and quality of our pasta is guaranteed by DNV GL® certification, which tracks the entire supply chain and assures it with Blockchain technology.

Discover the origin of the wheat

By scanning the QR Code on the packaging you can trace the entire supply chain, from the wheat field to the pack on the shelf!

The grains of the south

We choose only the best durum wheats from Southern Italy, carefully selected for their high protein content and excellent glutinic index. For al dente pasta, with the typical colour and aroma of ancient wheats.

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