The Liguori Method

A method refined in 200 years.

Pastificio Liguori is one of the oldest pasta producer in Italy:
its origins are dated back in 1795.

Today, as we did in the past, we use only the best durum wheat from southern Italy and pure water coming from Lattari mountains, a spring water with peculiar chemical-physical characteristics that distinguish the unique flavor of Liguori pasta.

We work the mixture slowly mixing semolina and pure water to guarantee an excellent hold when cooked.

The traditional bronze dies give pasta a rough surface that catches the sauce and enhance its flavour.

Our drying follows a process that respects the integrity of raw material, with a duration of 18 hours for some formats.

The slow drying at low temperatures preserves the structure of gluten and prevents the dispersion of important nutrients such as vitamins and essential amino acids. The drying at low temperature avoids the thermal damage to the product and the development of harmful elements such as furosine.